Getting Our Feet Wet


     A couple weeks have passed since the Man sizzled his last sizz but that won't stop local burners from remembering the good times and planning for next year. Why, just the other night the Phoenix Bar and Lounge down on Sahara greeted a jolly mob of burners in their best Luau drag



Putting Things in Perspective


     Burning Man is very much a Brigadoon, rising from the desert for a few days a year then disappearing without a trace.

     People claim revelations and epiphanies and it has been described as a cross between “Mad

Max meets Blade Runner” and “10 Commandments” devoted to “Radical Self Expression”.

I’m glad I went, and though supremely expensive, I can see where the money goes. 

From planning the event, an army of heavy equipment to get the roads navigable and art installations up, hiring every Porta-Potty in the state (God forbid I should have to use one), but there they are

nonetheless standing like a row of drunken politicians - staggering and full of shit. Not to

mention an airplane landing strip for you high rollers; several hospitals, plus paying the

government near two mil for use of the land in the first place. They claim total expenses for

putting on the event over 8 million bucks which is nothing to sneeze at no matter how much

dust you push around!

     Admittedly, the major expense comes from the RV, and maintaining a bearable comfort level.

I gave up tents when I quit the Boy Scouts a lifetime ago.
     One of the big bugaboos about Burning Man is are expected to participate in some fashion. As a first timer, what time I spent on my feet was being more tourist than participant. Next time, things will be different.



I'm Going to Burning Man in 2020!

That's what it says here anyway.


     It's eleven months in the future and things can happen! I went in 2014 and know from experience. My traveling pal kicked the bucket two weeks before launch and left me to hoe the row alone. Sure, there were a lot of burners offering to take his place in the RV, but not a one offered to share the expense, (Hippy Bastards!) So fuck'em I say.

     The grisly tale resides at the back of the bus in my ever-geeky fanzine found HERE

     I've unearthed another traveling companion of comparable geekiness and it's my obligation to keep him alive, at least until next year is in the can. As a word to the wise, it would be reasonable for him to keep and eye on myself as well. It's four years later, and I ain't gettin' any younger! I too could drop dead at the drop of a moop!

     So the point is, we're optimistically getting ready ridiculously early, and keeping track of everything that happens along the way fabulous or foolish - for an entire year!

Will all our plans of Mice and Men

go down in flames?

Perhaps, but we'll have a great time in the process!