Well sir, all is well at this end. Weather is ab fab! You're missing the best of the year.

Below are your filters both new and old - hope you can tell the difference.


Enjoyed Scorsese's Oratorio


Been grinding through Foundation and I guess I'll have to see Dune again at some point. Oddly I enjoyed "Suicide Squad 2". Took a few minutes to get into it and I don't know why. . . 

Saw the Bond film… Meh, I guess I'll have to see that again - seemed rather flat and unbondish. Plus I actually passed out during it. Have to give it a 5 till I see it again. I've seen every Bond in succession all these years in a theater - first time on TV.

Had to get on YouTube and watch an old BBC concert film of the original Bond Soundtrack to remind me how good that was.  

Somebody gave us their old DVD set of "Lonesome Dove" which I had no plans of seeing again, but was enjoyable as I remember seeing 33 years ago - sheesh.

We have enough eyeball fodder to keep us off the streets for a long long time.



The handyman has somehow turned off your water, so I'm unable to water the plants. But I'm still checking the mail.

Your interior is beginning to regain it's almost new house smell again which is a good thing. 


You may want to inquire of your Southwest Gas Bill which averages $15.86 a month but remaining unpaid has accumulated to $107.54.

Your account number is


and their phone number is:


Later, gator.