UndeadPassageCoverUnleashedGO AHEAD, MAKE YOURSELF SICK!
At last, my latest action-packed stomach churner, THE EPIC ZOMBIE NOVEL OF 2017 has slipped its bonds and roams freely through the United States Postal Service!
Civilization hangs in the balance as humans, mutated by chemical warfare return from the dead to devour the living. An American soldier must battle his way around the globe, across the burning wasteland, under the sea, and in the air. This book contains 600 pages, and 90 illustrations! Not for the squeemish!
This is the book that tells you why and how the undead function
Not for the squeamish! Click the link and use 4YE6CA2N, for a $5 discount!


A Few of the Smashing illos in this book! (Note: In paperback illos are Black and White.









on John Purcell's

. .Haven't done zine-art for quite a while. I don't volunteer and no one has asks.
. .Don't remember the circumstances I heard from John, but it was fun getting to do whatever the hell I wanted on something again
. .It's an opportunity to experiment and go in other directions than what passes for zine covers these days (if efanzines is any indication). In fact, it looks like cover art (as we know it) is favoring fillos and poorly placed photos.
. .I'm finding less and less time for zine art and all things dispensing either too little egoboo and/or no pay. Sounds a little douchey, I know. But getting older and feeling the bone-numbing breath of Prince Sirki down my neck, takes my attention from fulfilling the dream of others and working on my own. By the way, this issue is available free HERE.

A long time ago in a Fandom, Far, Far Away, there were artists who worked with primitive implements on fuzzy paper to enhance the "sensawonder" of fanzines everywhere. We're talking the 50s through the mid eighties here. Some of these artists have passed into that great inkwell in the sky while others live-on and prosper. Here is a website scouring the world in pursuit of these artists and returning with samples of their art for your entertainment and edification. Come visit this eternal work in progress merely by clicking THIS.
I DO POE    OK, I'm not Vincent Price. . . or any of the kabillion others who've read Poe's "The Raven". But I wanted to do it and here it is. Done with old Flash software apparently made for Japanese children if the interface is any indication. The graphics were done in Poser and Photoshop with some music done in GarageBand. Oh yeh, if you want to see the thing, just click the pic. Why, it's almost like being in a room with the great man himself! OH yeh, takes a moment to load! Definately not for dialups!

OrpheumLargeCover1ORPHEUM #8 Hot off the Press and into Your Eyeholes!
   This 33 pager is packed with pics telling the mind-altering tale of "A Newbie's Adventure at Burning Man", followed by the bitter sweet "Saying Goodbye to Pyro Joe". Add "These old Fanzines" and a spectacular if singular letter column.
Some can't handle this much excitment!
It can be found at ISSUU and soon at efanzines
You can still find my Burning Man memory book on ISSUU as well. All FREE All The Time.
   It's come to our attention there are some who don't realize ISSUU allows you to not only read the zines in the amazing feature of "Retro-Read", but you can turn the feature off or even download the issue if you please. So there.
   This is our last issue by the by. Now is the time to shitcan Faandom and get along with other, more interesting things. I ain't gettin' any younger and Faandom just makes me feel a dash older and a jigger more disappointed than I am already.
   I've been sweeping out the digital house and ran across a few old covers I thought I'd share. "The Conjuring" meant to look like an old pulp cover was done entirely in Photoshop.

David Del Valle Escapes LaLa Land for

Four Days of Movies and Mayhem!
   DavidDelValleatVampdLasVegasThe Mary Poppins of Tinseltown, David Del Valle world traveller, social butterfly, author, star of stage, DVD, flat screen and places we dare not mention flitted down my chimney for a Thanksgiving escape from Hollyweird! A wise choice I dare say, for his surprise visit actually proded me to spring for a tasty yet anonymous chunk of Meleagris and assorted bits of stuff that should the bird have been alive would have enjoyed with relish! During this time of year, DeDee flees to family fetes in SoCal while curmudgeon that I am gleefully hides like a vampire from the light of family events.
Fortunately David can easily be entertained merely by supplying grub, drinkables and turning on the TV; thus we spent what social behaviorists might consider an inordinate amount of time in front of the tube.
   It can't be said we spent every minute soaking up the electromagnetic rays! After dark was the time for hitting a few quirky Vegas hotspots! The first watering hole was Danny Koker's Vamp'd, the high octane rock'n'roll vampire dive whose Mecca lays not in Transylvania, but Sturgis. South Dakota.DavidDelValleatTheEndLasVegas
   Approachng the club we were greeted by a long stream of bikes! Some stock, some custom; all cool. The place looked like "The Master was having an affair". The biker-vamp theme club was loud, rockin', packed to the beams and any moment I expected a shower of blood from the ceiling.
   We had arrived far too late to grab a seat, or even a good shot of the band.
   Next wateringhole was "The End", the zombie bunker oft written on in the pages of Orpheum. Tonight however, unlike the vamp dive, was positively undead. The place was basically empty but for one successfully stewed fellow on micrphone belting out some ditty so awful nobody dared asked what the hell it was. But Sunday is their night to howl with the big screen broadcast of "The Walking Dead" finale that will bring them shambling through the doors under the blazing sign that reads: "Drink Here if You Want to Live". That statement might be debatable but certainly holds true if you want to hear yourself think!